May 26, 2024
Advantages of Stand Up Pouches stand up pouches

There’s a reason why brands are ditching rigid packaging and embracing flexible operate pouches to better promote, protect, and drive sales with their products-in fact, there are eight. From development to purchase, operate pouches offer multiple benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Listed below are the eight benefits of stand up pouches our customers benefit from the most:

An amount of operate stand up pouches from Emmerson Packaging

Flexographic printing for flexible packages is the most adaptable of all package printing options, and can create stunning HD sharp graphics for your stand up pouch. Flexographic printing supplies the most correct ink control and sound lay-down on a variety of videos. In blend with this advanced printing technology, stand up pouches may offer your product the best, most eye-catching images on the shelf.

Stand up pouches can be stated in a variety of sizes and shapes. Consumers are most acquainted with the typical pouch-a round-bottom-gusset carrier that folds smooth when empty. Other choices include package pouches, K-sealed, quad-sealed (two area gussets and four vertical seals), and much more. Stand up pouches could even be expire slice into custom shapes to essentially stand out on the shelf.

Switching to operate pouches (and flexible product packaging in general) is a no-brainer if you’re looking to reduce the cost of materials. Rigid presentation costs three to six times more per unit than flexible presentation. Printed folding cartons cost around doubly much as adaptable presentation. To put it simply, choosing operate pouches more than a rigid choice means much-improved income for your business.

Operate pouches also offer significant cost savings in distribution. With regards to the pouch and the original packaging solution, you can fit five to ten times the amount of units in a single pickup truck using fewer pallets. Because the packaging is also lighter, the fuel cost per vehicle is lower. You are able to store more of your product in less space, and it takes less time and labor to move it around.

Consumers value convenience, and that means you can truly add value to your brand with operate pouch features. Resealable closures help stretch the life of food and create an improved customer experience with your product. You can choose from press-to-close, zip lock, or hook-to-hook closures to add convenience to your pouch. You can even choose laser perforation, transparent glass windows, handles, and spouts. Operate pouches can even be made steamable, so consumers can enjoy the added capability of getting ready their food in the microwave and never have to take it off from the tote.

Stand up pouches will keep food fresher for longer, and provide excellent barrier control to protect against the elements. Puncture-resistant movies can be used to guard your products during transfer, and lots of specialty videos can provide extra cover against dampness, contaminants, UV rays, and more.

With a broad ranges of sizes and shapes available and stunning HD graphic capabilities, operate pouches easily stick out on the shelf. The largest benefit of stand up pouches in terms of shelf impact is simply the amount of real real estate manufacturers will have to work with-the greatest printable surface of the bundle stacks up and faces the client. This allows your product to compete with techniques that products in lay-down hand bags and smaller rigid pots can’t.