June 22, 2024
Tips for Increasing Your Workout Intensity David Barton Gym prices, David Barton Gym prices 2022

If you’re hitting a progress plateau with your workout session and can’t seem to be to lift any longer weight, this doesn’t mean you’re on track to being stuck at your fitness level. There are several ways that you can add more intensity to your session, all of which should help you eventually lift excess fat and bust through that strength plateau.

Let’s take a closer check out some of the top strategies to try yourself.

  1. Drop Set

First, consider doing a drop set at the weight you currently are employing. A drop place is where you perform your desired number of reps at your present weight and then drop the weight by about 5-10 pounds. Then perform a second set, drop the weight once more, and finish up with a third.

This drop set technique is going quite a distance towards bettering not only your strength, but your muscular endurance level as well.

  1. Increase Your Rep Range

The next option is to just boost your rep range. If you’re doing 5-6 reps, you really can take that up to 8-10 reps in an effort to eventually lift more excess weight overall.

Make sure when increasing your overall reps that you do not overdo your rep range. You’ll still want to do a smaller amount of reps between 5-10. This is a common mistake that many people make when lifting, because they think it will build muscle faster. When you are able to do 15-20 reps that means you need to add more weight to get the appropriate amount of reps.

This is a very good cycle to go through as you continue to see progress. Work your way up the rep range as soon as you hit a unique point, drop the rep range back down again and try for the a heavier weight. Visit this website to get more insight David Barton Gym prices 2022

It’s also a great way to mix up your exercise routine.

  1. Decrease Your Rest Time

Decreasing your rest time is the 3rd technique to boost your overall workout performance and bust through a strength plateau. By decreasing your rest period, you force the body to do more work in less time, which in turn will get you more fit than you were before.

Just always remember that you should never take your rest periods so short that you start to sacrifice good form. Do this and you’ll be on a road to injury.

30 seconds should generally be the minimum used for just about any heavy, major compound exercise. Choosing a break is ideal because it lets your body relax from the lactic acid buildup. In the 30 second break it may be beneficial to hydrate to decrease the lactic acid buildup.

  1. Use Different Equipment

Finally, also try and utilize different equipment. At times, the easy switch could be what will bust you out of the strength plateau and onto better results. To illustrate, if you typically use the barbell press for chest, try doing a dumbbell press instead. Likewise, if you want to bust your plateau on the squat, you might transition to leg pressing for a short time frame. Additionally, there are a variety of machines you likely never use, just like a rowing machine, elliptical or even a tread-climber.

This not only helps you gain strength, but can also help keep boredom at bay. Incorporating new exercise machines into the routine is a superb way to continually challenge your body and keep it guessing as to what’s coming next.

So there you have the primary ways to up the intensity of your workout program without adding more weight. Use these methods when you get stuck and you simply could still see progress continue.